The company was founded in 1976 in Taiwan Taipei, in 2002 to set up factory in Shanghai, Taiwan has many years of design and manufacturing, specializing in the production of various types of industrial air compressor, pneumatic clutch, brake oil pressure; disk brake; electromagnetic, magnetic clutch, brake, brake and clutch;, non standard type electromagnetic standard type pneumatic clutch brake safety of all kinds; respond to market demand, in 2011 to set up factories in Jiangsu Kunshan, the main production of electromagnetic brake products, can completely replace the Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Europe and the United States imports etc.. Has been widely used in all kinds of motor, multi joint robot, machine tool, electric forklift, crane, scooter, electric door, garage, wind power generator, the main customers are ABB, SIEMENS, Taiwan Dong Yuan, Taiwan Datong, Taiwan Wanxin, haisa, Zhejiang Zweigert, Hubei, etc.
The company to keep the contract, pay attention to credibility, product implementation of three packs, long-term availability of stock, is a trusted partner at home and abroad customers. Thank you from all walks of life for your support and trust! Consistent with the commitment and credibility, the spirit of "customer first, quality first" purpose, "innovation, mutual benefit" business principles, to provide adequate resources for the majority of new and old customers, the best quality, the most preferential prices, more comprehensive and quality services!